The Affordable Solution to pH 8+

About Our Company

iAlkaline Co. was founded with the idea that everyone should have the opportunity to replenish themselves without breaking their bank. With water purification being a new and developing topic, it was apparent where a void was needed to be filled. We’ve made it our mission at iAlkaline to provide the masses with solutions to purifying their water supply and establishing a healthier lifestyle with our quality instruments.

Product Values

Affordable 100% 100%
Effective 100% 100%
Reusable 100% 100%

What our customers say

iAlkaline has truly changed my lifestyle and how I consume my H2O. It didn't take much but a little research into the bad things I was putting into my body. By not paying attention to my water sources pH level I was allowing harmful toxins into my body. With our bodies consisting of 60-70% water, it only made sense to apply it with our water supply. Let's just say we have zero regrets! I also got my pH checkers in a sweet bundle which allow us to keep track of our water toxicity levels! THANK YOU!

Bethany Johnson, New Orleans, Louisiana

To be honest, iAlkaline is a one stop shop for water purification. I told my besties about this neat little shop and now I see them dipping their HydroSticks during our workouts. You can really taste and feel the difference in your water source. I'm going to keep singing your praises.

Alexandria Reed, Tampa Bay, Florida

I found iAlkaline after doing some research on alkaline water through Google and I must say, I feel lucky to have found them. I noticed a lot of the purifier machines were really expensive and fell out of my budget. This led me to the HydroStick and I must say this device has really open doors to a new healthy lifestyle and preserved my finances. Now my tap water supply is pH balanced and I noticed the difference in taste and how my body functions daily. I have more energy through out the day and I've completely eliminated coffee from my morning routine!

Julius Buckley, San Francisco, CA